Your Construction Consultant

for Residential & Commercial Projects

Your Construction Consultant

for Residential & Commercial Projects

Mahan Construction Consulting & Management (MCCM) is an Owner’s Representative and Project Management firm based in Austin, Texas.  We focus on your construction management and consulting needs so you can focus on what you do best.

Whether you’re building new or renovating an existing commercial business or residential dream home, MCCM provides Owner’s Representative services tailored for your unique needs, including:

“Including Mahan early in our site selection, and then leading pre-construction and construction helped us save over $200,000 and avoid mistakes along the way.”

Page von Roenn, Epic Cellars/Pinnacle Wine

Why you Need an Owner’s Representative?

Unlike large corporations, most businesses and home owners don’t, need nor can afford full time in-house construction supervisors.  As a result, they attempt to manage the construction process themselves only to realize too late they are overwhelmed by the web of activities and unaware of decisions required of them, especially while managing their companies or working full time.  While they hire an Architect and Contractor, the Owner is often left with more questions than answers and with little construction forethought. An Owner’s Representative helps answer these questions and ensures continuity throughout the construction process.

An Owner’s Rep’s inclusion early in a project helps identify problems and implement solutions during preconstruction thereby minimizing construction interruptions. They manage the project holistically enabling the Owner, Architect, Contractor and Specialists to focus on their primary responsibilities and tasks.  They minimize design errors, changes in scope, untimely Owner decisions and miscommunications; the most common causes for cost and schedule overruns.

Why Choose MCCM?

Experience – All work is performed or managed personally by MCCM’s founder, Rick D. Mahan, a 30-year construction professional with a proven history of delivering over $1.5 Billion in Commercial and Residential New Construction and Renovation.

Philosophy – MCCM Removes the adversarial tension that can exist in construction and instills a philosophy of comradery and trust where complete communication is the standard rather than the exception.

Focus on Project Delivery – While MCCM represents the interest of the Owner at all times, the Project is the focal point and becomes a living, breathing entity dependent on full participation and collaboration from all stake holders.

Full Transparency – MCCM maintains a completely transparent financial and decision-making environment thereby reducing misunderstandings, cost overruns and schedule slippage.

Cost Effective – MCCM has purposely maintained our lean size so our clients have access to professional level construction expertise at affordable prices and while offering flexible contracting terms tailored to specific client needs

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