Many Owners only require CCM’s involvement on a limited or as-needed basis.  As a result, CCM offers a full gambit of a la carte consulting services, including:  Pre-purchase lot & facility assessments; facility inspections; budget and estimating; design review and consulting; construction inspections; construction draw inspections; and a variety of other services tailored to the Owner’s specific needs
Under this arrangement, CCM serves as the Owner’s Project Manager responsible for overseeing the contractor’s performance on behalf of the Owner.  CCM coordinates the contractor and specialty firms’ activities and engages the Owner during key milestones and decision-making requirements. CCM’s role as Construction Manager is similar to the Project Manager role, but, more actively involved with managing the individual day-to-day construction tasks.
Including CCM early in the design stage is the most effective way of ensuring a successful project by helping the Owner clarify their goals and evaluate the design against project budgets.  We work with the designer to help eliminate as many conflicts, errors or omissions as possible that could confuse the contractor or create opportunities for change orders.  Upon satisfactory design completion, CCM then solicits proposals from a list of contractors, negotiate terms and make recommendation for award.
CCM’s Relocation Construction Management services expands our Project Management role to include coordination and management of relocation activities.  We develop and administer a relocation plan, including:  Coordinate and manage moving companies; Coordinate and manage installation of office furnishings and equipment; Interface and coordinate with technology vendors and IT service providers; Coordinate installation of specialty equipment; Assist and Support Employee migration into new facility; and numerous other relocation related activities as required.
Some Owners are not interested in hiring a general contractor due to a variety of reasons and would prefer to be more directly involved in the construction process.  Under CCM’s Alternative Contracting Solutions, the construction trades are contracted and paid directly by the Owner while CCM coordinates and manages their schedule and performance.  CCM serves as the Owner’s Construction Manager while the Owner serves in the role as general contractor. This arrangement is not for everyone.  But, the Owner has more flexibility in managing the overall construction process and could reap significant savings by eliminating the mark-up typically applied by general contractors.

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